Need a daily cup of joe to complete your caffeine routine? Or maybe you have been planning to arrange a special teatime with your friends after so long?

With a large capacity from 1 litre to an extra 0.7 litre with water level indicator to keep track of the desired volume, the Tefal kettle collection is created for the boiled water to be quicker and easier thanks to its material exuding the wonders of the heating element as the key to its potential functions to apply and enhance your hot drinks. Other than the stable base to keep it in place during the boiling process and smart cordless model for the sake of convenience, its cool, sleek design consists of minimalist-themed colours which is a trend that must be followed in today’s age. No effort needed! Just flip the switch and let the magic of the Tefal kettles do the work on the water temperature until it signals you with an automatic timer. When it is time for you to pour into your favourite mug, make yourself feel warm in your comfy solace of home with the help of Tefal.

Apply Tefal’s kettle into your morning routine for your daily dose of coffee or fill it in as an appliance for your evening tea for that full experience. You will never go back to your old kettle when you have the most functional one here.

3 Item(s)

  • SAFE'TEA 1,7L KO2608
    SAFE'TEA 1,7L KO2608

    Heat protection kettle. Safely enjoy your tea time!

  • TEFAL SAFE'TEA KO260165 Double layer White & Black
    TEFAL SAFE'TEA KO260165 Double layer White & Black

    Heat protection kettle. Safely enjoy your tea time!

  • KET TEFAL 1.7L KO850
    KET TEFAL 1.7L KO850

    Light on your world at the touch of a button – and control the temperature of your tea