We all need our daily dose of fruit juices in our daily diet, or quenching our thirst with our favorite healthy smoothie to conclude our intense workout session. After spending the time for leisure or work exerting your energy, your body needs the necessary nutrients to regenerate it back and come back active again. The necessary nutrients in your body are very crucial to lead a healthier lifestyle, therefore making soft soothing drinks with a tasting of your choice by your own hands are more special than buying those energy drinks outside or in stalls and shops. Not only does making your own smoothie or juice drinks is heartier and tastes better, but also does wonders to your physical and mental well-being.
However, there is no telling if the juice blender machine you are using to make these drinks is the right brand for you. You need a juice processor that can ensure that it is easy and safe to use without having to worry about any changes that might occur to your drinks or the complications that follow. With Tefal, the tasting and content of your drinks will leave you satisfied with its amazing technology and of course, the main reason listed as one of the best blenders to offer. Tefal’s Juicer has what it takes to prioritise the smoothness of the juicing process just like the bursting sweetness of your favorite smoothie on your tongue! Featuring a powerful motor to function the process well and a stainless steel material for rusting to be out of concern, all the color and the content of your juices will be just the same without any other external factors that can affect your consumption negatively. With little effort, use the centrifugal juicer by exerting press force on the juice extractor to extract the fresh juice out of the fruits. There is also a pulp container in Tefal’s juicer for you to store until you are ready for your next round of smoothie! Tefal’s masticating juicers allow the ingredients, be it in smaller pieces or large ones, to be combined with ease through its wide mouth in a slow pace for an even distribution of blending. Tefal yields many juicer options for you to choose from to achieve big results on the new changes for your next drinks in line. Who knows, you may find our products to benefit you more than the ones you are using now. Pick Tefal as your best pick to a better juice or smoothie maker!

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  • ELEA ZN350
    ELEA ZN350

    Daily juicing made successful whatever the fruit!  


    Good performance, compact size 


    Up to 2x more juice, 1/4 more energy, 2x more youth*


    Maximum recipes with minimal effort!

  • FRUTELIA + ZE370
    FRUTELIA + ZE370

    Effortless fresh daily juices!


    Effortless fresh daily juices!